F-Secure has presented a new brand for corporate clients: WithSecure
F-Secure has presented a new brand for corporate clients: WithSecure
01 апр 2022

F-Secure Finnish approaches to protecting businesses from cyber threats can no longer be within the same brand. The F-Secure business unit has spun off into a new company, WithSecure, which will now be able to fully focus on applying its know-how to fully protect the business.

The separation is based on the concept of common security, according to which the development of solutions will use the developments of F-Secure experts, as well as the experience of partners and customers.

WithSecure representatives say that in the changing threat landscape, it is impossible to create high-quality solutions that meet all requirements, relying only on their own experience. The joint efforts and cases of customers and partners will help improve the already recognized F-Secure instinctive defense technologies to create business-effective cybersecurity.

“Resisting your business against cybercrime is an important part of our job. Our experience and knowledge, as well as our innovative instinctive technologies, are the two most important components that form the practical core of our offer. Human experience, together with recognized technologies, is the key to the high-quality protection of your business. WithSecure is the fusion of all these components into a B2B cybersecurity brand that is a strategic partner for your business,” says Juhani Hintika, President and CEO of With Secure.

For details, please visit WithSecure official website: www.withsecure.com

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